Squirting, female ejaculation, gushing, g-spot orgasm… whatever you choose to call it, women want to know how to do it and men want to make it happen. Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? It appears so. While many use them interchangeably, these terms actually describe slightly different phenomena that are closely related.

What Is Squirting? 

Let’s talk anatomy for a moment. Women have a Skene’s gland that is located near, or as part of, the g-spot. It is thought of as the female version of the prostate gland. Glands produce hormones, but during arousal, they produce fluid too. When stimulated vigorously for a prolonged period of time, these fluids can be spontaneously released.

Some women squirt voluntarily, others involuntarily. For some it is pleasurable, for others it isn’t. Can you squirt? Maybe.

The History

It’s amazing that there is even a question about whether or not female ejaculation is real. There are historical references dating back 2000 years about squirting. It seems that it was well known in Asia and mentioned in Chinese Taoist texts starting in the 4th Century. Aristotle and Galen even wrote about it. Why is it then that people seemingly forgot about it for so many years? Since Dr. Graffenburg (the man responsible for the g in g-spot) came along, we seem to be rediscovering it.

Squirting Porn is Banned

In December 2014, the British government put a ban on porn that showed female ejaculation. Physiologically, female ejaculation the equivalent of male ejaculation. Why is it then that it is seen as inappropriate for women but not so for men? Your guess is as good as mine.

How To Squirt

A good place to start is by making sure you are relaxed and getting really aroused. Find what stimulates your mind and your body… know yourself intimately. If you aren’t familiar with your own anatomy, take some time to learn what and where everything is – your clitoris, g-spot, a-spot, perineum.

Making sure you are well hydrated can also be helpful, so drink a glass of water about 20 minutes before you get started. A full bladder will also press against your g spot, making it more sensitive.

When you are really aroused, locate your g-spot with a toy specially designed with a g-spot curve or your/your partner’s fingers. Use a stronger, more vigorous motion than you normally would. You often need really strong pressure against the g-spot to squirt. Put in the extra work and don’t stop until you get there. If you are using your fingers, curve them toward your belly button in a ‘come hither’ motion. Keep your arm stiff and shake it back and forth. When you get that “need to pee” feeling, you are almost there, just give in to it.

Relax & Enjoy the Journey

Squirting is not the end all, be all. Take your time getting there and see what feels good to you. The less pressure you put on yourself or your partner, the more likely you are to experience it for yourself. Not all women are able to squirt but you can sure enjoy trying.


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