When I say that good sex shops really do make a difference, I get a myriad of reactions from people. I can’t say I’m surprised. After all, opinions widely vary on what qualifies as “good” and “quality”. For some, just the thought of walking into a brick and mortar adult store is daunting. These shops used to have quite a sleazy reputation. Be careful to dismiss them so quickly though… times are changing.

good sex shops

I will admit, I’ve been to some seedy sex shops before. You know the ones… a dimly lit store with an equally dimly lit employee. The employee has no interest in educating you, only making a sale. These stores boast aisles of brightly colored, tightly packaged, often toxic toys. The focus seems to be more on pretty toys than quality toys. Don’t get me wrong, I like pretty… but I’m greedy and want it all. I want pretty quality.

You may be thinking, “What makes a sex shop good anyway?” This is where things get fun… exciting…  and educational!!!

I am a total dork, so I LOVE to learn and teach. With the sex toy industry being largely unregulated, education in our sex stores becomes even more important. Sex positive shops are doing just that… educating and empowering. They are tackling issues such as body safe materials (you can read more about that HERE thanks to Dangerous Lilly), consent, and equality. I personally love when shops are inclusive in their language! Cisgender labeling can be so exclusionary. Seriously, almost every toy can be enjoyed by every person or couple with a little creativity. A great staff will be educated to help you learn how to think outside the box and choose the best toy for you.

Come as you are is one of the best sex shops in Toronto

Come as you are – Toronto sex shop

Imagine walking into a well-lit, aesthetically pleasing sex shop where the staff greets you with a smile. They talk with you to help you find the perfect toy. Instead of tightly packaged toys lining the shelves, there are shelves with toys out for you to explore. Feel the weight, touch the material, smell it (yes, I said it!), turn it on in your hand to feel the vibrations and hear the volume. Ask questions and choose the toy that is going to do the most for you. Many of the sex shops today even offer workshops to explore different ways to embrace your body and enhance your play. Doesn’t that sound amazing? It truly does exist!

Good sex shops are clean, comfortable, well-informed, and offer a varied selection of quality toys, lubes, and attire. You deserve the best… don’t settle!

Good Sex Shops to Check Out

If you are in California or Massachusetts, be sure to pop in Good Vibrations. For my non-American readers, check out these lists of good sex shops in major cities of Australia, Canada and in the UK.

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