Many men judge themselves by how their dick performs during sex.  Long and strong are the coveted traits.  If you have ever been in the midst of sex and had your’s go soft, then you know the psychological mess that creates.  So what can be done to avoid the dreaded limp dick?

If you have struggled with keeping an erection, then let me first say to not be so hard on yourself.  If you are able to get it up when you are aroused, then lets focus on keeping it there.  If you can’t get an erection at all, then I suggest speaking with your doctor to rule out medical causes.
Why do men have trouble keeping it up?
You are bored.  Having the same routine in the bedroom can really put a damper on your libido and performance.  Boredom with your job or life can do the same.
Condoms can numb you.  Often, condoms can cause you to loose some sensation.  Try switching up the type of condom you use but don’t skip them altogether unless you and your partner are exclusively with each other.
Pills can be the cause.  Painkillers, muscle relaxers, and anti-depressants can all make it hard to get and keep an erection.  If you are taking any of these, then talk honestly with your doctor and work to get a combination that doesn’t numb you.
Fear of going soft again.  If you have lost your erection during sex before, then you can loose it again in the future just by stressing that it is going to happen.  This is the biggest reason men continue to suffer from erection problems.
Pressure to perform.  Trying to have a perfect performance to impress your partner can cause a limp erection.  This is especially true when trying to get your partner pregnant or starting a new sexual relationship.
Unhealthy lifestyle.  Lack of sleep, poor eating habits, smoking, and excessive drinking all contribute to poor erections.  Making healthy lifestyle choices boosts your sex drive and erection.
Limp erections can wreak havoc on a man’s self-esteem and relationship.  So what can help?   
Try a cock ring.  This ring is worn around the base of the shaft (include balls if you like), working like a push-up bra for your dick.  It helps you achieve longer, stronger erections.
Communicate with your partner.  The more it happens, the more anxiety it causes.  It can also leave his partner feeling unattractive and undesirable.  The key to working through this is good communication with your partner.  Reassure one another.
Spice things up.  Talk about your fantasies, try role playing, have sex in new places, add toys to your sex life… try new things and take the focus off of your erection.
Relax.  Take deep breaths each day to increase your oxygen levels and decrease your stress.  Make sure you are comfortable during sex by avoiding positions that you have to support your weight for long periods.  Don’t overeat prior to sex and engage when you aren’t too tired.
Work out.  Strengthening your abdominal muscles will help them hold up your erection instead of just your gut.  Being physically fit feels good and boosts your confidence.  The increased blood circulation will also help pick your guy up and keep him hard.  Kegels are another great exercise to add.
Take it slow.  You might think it is a good idea to penetrate as quickly as possible during sex to make sure you are able to get it in.  Over time, this will decrease your confidence and make it harder to maintain an erection.  When you put so much focus on penetration, you are increasing the pressure on yourself.  Enjoy foreplay and try relaxed penetration.
Arousal gels/creams.  These specialized lotions and potions combine slight numbing agents with products that increase blood circulation to your penis.
Don’t masturbate too often.  Saving your hard on for your partner can help you keep it up longer.
Sex is meant to be enjoyed. Take a deep breath and enjoy connecting with your partner.
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