Ahhh, the all too common pink elephant in the living room. Most of us have at least heard of it, if not had it as a house guest at some point in our lives. But what happens when that pink elephant is your unmet sexual needs? Do you tiptoe around it, trying not to crush the peanut shells littering the floor? Or do you redecorate the whole living room as a circus, put on your ringmaster costume, and take the elephant on?


Meeting your unmet sexual needs means many different things depending on who we are talking about. Meeting them means getting creative and thinking outside the box. I’m not a fan of boxes anyway! Only you can determine what that means to you and how to try it.

Let’s take a second to look at monogamy. Is it really natural for humans? I (along with many others) have decided that answer is no. Now don’t get too worked up, I’m not saying that making a conscious choice to be monogamous is not possible. That choice just takes extra work and creativity.

For some people, simply bringing a sex toy into the picture may do the trick. Maybe some masturbation with a new vibrator or plug  can meet your needs. Maybe that means stepping up the kinky factor with your partner by bringing out restraints and a ball gag. No matter how vanilla or kinky you may be, there are lots of amazing sex toys that can liven up your sex life. If you are craving fantasies, role play and costumes can help you create them. Reading erotica and watching porn also add different elements to your play.

Visiting strip clubs – solo or with your partner – is one idea to add variety to your sex life. Do you find your eyes straying from your partner? Watching beautiful naked women (or men) sway for you can boost your libido and self-confidence. Sometimes these simple boosts can be exactly what is needed and nothing more.

These things are all great… but what happens when your needs still aren’t met? If you decide that monogamy isn’t working for you, then it may be time to assess what will.

Many singles and couples find that swinging fulfills their sexual needs. This lifestyle offers an open way to experience a variety of partners, explore BDSM, be a voyeur or exhibitionist, and meet like-minded sexually charged people. If you are in a committed relationship and crave something more, this could be a way to openly share that experience with your partner.

For those of you in a committed relationship with someone who is not open to the idea variety, you may choose to quietly meet your needs outside of that. No judgement here. I actually think you are quite empowered to take care of your needs. We are sexual beings and being sexually unhappy leads to a miserable life. For you, there are even more options.

Hiring a professional – an escort – is a top choice for people both single and committed. This eliminates any messy emotional games and side relationships that may cause trouble for you. These men and women provide wonderful company, conversation, and creative solutions to keep you sexually happy. Escorts can accompany you to dinner and events or meet discreetly for some no strings attached fun. If you are in the London area, be sure to check out the beautiful London escorts.

Another way to fulfill your needs is with a sugar baby. In this type of arrangement, you become the sugar daddy or sugar mama by financially pampering and caring for your sugar baby. These arrangements are decided on in the beginning and in return, you get the relationship experience without any of the relationship drama. There are tons of sugar sites on the web, just be prepared to pay if you choose this type of deal.

Now that you are armed with the options, what will you choose to tame the pink elephant in your living room?

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