Can I just rant for a moment? I woke up this morning and didn’t even make it through my first cup of coffee before I got hit with marketing emails claiming to help my business ‘soar to the next level’. This isn’t anything new that I’ve been hit with, but it really got under my skin this morning. Why do people and businesses feel the need to BUY likes on Facebook or any other forum???

I started this blog some years back and know first hand how difficult it is to get things moving. After all, there were 152 MILLION blogs back in 2013… I can’t even fathom how many there are today. Knowing that brings up the questions of how do I help people find my blog and why would they want to read it over the millions of others.

Social media is a HUGE driving force in the blogging world. It is imperative in pretty much any and all businesses now. The more followers you have, the more people see your name and your brand grows. Simple right? In theory, yes. In reality it is a bit more difficult though. So the goal becomes to acquire as many likes, followers, and have as much post engagement as possible. This can seem really daunting when you are first getting started.

So how does it get accomplished? You start by getting your family and friends to like and follow your page (or if you have a sex blog like me… maybe not). But then what? Then it feels like the end of the line.

With this being said, I totally get the marketing tactic of having people buy Facebook likes. I just don’t like it. It feels like cheating, like somehow bypassing all the hard work of actually earning your followers. I could easily argue that being able to buy your social media likes makes them less valid then people liking your page because they think it is actually great. Maybe I’m just a little bitter because I got mine the hard way.

I suppose the reality is that as long as people, and especially new people, are being exposed to your business, then it is a win. I know I won’t be participating on pure principle (yes, I do realize that may be ridiculous). Well, now that my rant is through, I will simply delete the emails and have another cup of coffee. And for those of you who choose to buy your Facebook likes, just know that I earned each of mine the old fashioned way.


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