I have to admit, when I saw photos of the Tantus G-Force online, I got pretty excited. It has the right curve to tease and deliver for my g-spot, with a bulbous head and a handle to boot. Even the name eludes to a powerful ride… a force to be reckoned with if you will. Unfortunately I can’t say I was nearly as impressed when I took it out of the box. When I plucked it from it’s plastic throne, it was oh so flexible. *facepalm* 

Tantus G-Force

The G-Force is a dildo made by Tantus that is designed for g-spot or prostate stimulation featuring a handle. It is made of Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% ultra-premium silicone.  It is body safe, eco friendly, and hypo-allergenic. You can choose from two colors  – wine and black.

The G-Force arrives in true Tantus style. It comes in a tall (14.5″ to be exact) white recyclable box decorated with the company’s trademark bright bubbles. Two sides have thin clear windows and the front is open to reveal the toy through the clear plastic insert. The back of the box gives information about the use and stats. Easily opening from the top, the sturdy plastic insert containing the dildo slides out. Fold the insert out to open it and voila!
G-Force front package

G-Force back packaging

photo 4

photo 5

The G-Force measures 1.4″ in diameter and has a tip to tip length of 10″. The insertable length is 6″ and features a smooth glossy shaft with a slightly angled bulbous tip. The 4″ long handle is made of the same material and is ribbed for a comfortable grip.

photo 3 (1)

Tantus G-Force tip

I was personally disappointed in the G-Force. Having had my heart set on a solid g-spot experience, the flexibility of this dildo just didn’t deliver. I had created this fantasy in my head of the Plunge Paddle meets super grip handle. I found that I wasn’t able to maintain steady pressure on my g-spot because of the flex in the material. This silicone is glossy and does have a bit of drag, so I had to make sure to use lots of lube. As with all silicone toys, I recommend using a good quality water-based lubricant (Sliquid is one of my personal favorites).

G-Force flex

Though my experience with the G-Force wasn’t amazing, I don’t want to discredit this dildo completely. The handle and grip is nice. One plus of having a longer handle on this dildo is the ease of use it can provide for those with larger stomachs or disabilities. It allows a grip to be maintained during solo play that isn’t easily achieved with non-handled dildos. This toy can be used alone or with a partner.

Clean up is simple. It can be boiled, bleached, thrown in the dishwasher, washed with toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and hot water. There aren’t any ridges or creases that seem to need extra attention.

Score:  5 out of 10

Get your G-Force at Tantus!

The G-Force was provided to me by Tantus free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review. This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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