What sexual things should everyone do at least once before they die?


I can say that I have been lucky enough to have quite a variety of sexual experiences in my life.  I have been in a few longterm committed relationships (two of those being marriages), but I have also had my share of single encounters.  Though my adventures might not be traditional, I am grateful that I have taken the time and opportunities to explore myself and my desires.  I encourage each of you to embrace your sexuality and fantasies… get adventurous.

Most of these things can be done within a healthy committed marriage/relationship… the others can be left to those of you who are still on the market.

Here is the sexual bucket list I have compiled that I think everyone should try at least once…

  1. Be tied up
  2. Tie someone up
  3. Use a vibrator
  4. Kiss a girl (yes ladies, you too)
  5. Sex in a public place
  6. Sex while driving (or while your partner is driving)
  7. Use a blindfold
  8. Sex on the beach
  9. Have silent sex in a house full of people
  10. Masturbate
  11. Watch porn with someone
  12. Watch porn alone
  13. Anal sex
  14. Sex in an elevator
  15. Sex in a car
  16. Mile-high club
  17. One night stand
  18. Sex with someone you truly love
  19. Spanking (give or receive) – Learn how HERE
  20. Use ice sexually
  21. Role playing
  22. Perform a striptease for your lover
  23. Sex in the shower (add fun accessories)
  24. Sex with someone much older
  25. Sex with someone younger (legal of course)
  26. Double penetration (this can be done with only one partner)
  27. Have a threesome
  28. Sex in broad daylight
  29. Be a voyeur and watch others having sex (porn doesn’t count)
  30. Go skinny dipping
  31. Love bites (give or receive a nip)
  32. Sex in front of a mirror
  33. Make your own sex tape
  34. Text nude pictures
  35. Play strip poker
  36. Use food or drink in the bedroom
  37. Wear nothing but stilettos in bed
  38. Be a sexual slave for the night
  39. Be a sexual dom for the night
  40. Have your hair pulled (remember, a handful at the nape of the neck is what feels good)
  41. Climax together with your partner (at the same time)
  42. Go to a strip club together
  43. Wear sexy lingerie
  44. Use nipple clamps
  45. Sex in the rain
  46. Quickie without getting undressed
  47. Sex on the stairs
  48. Sex while standing against a wall
  49. Use hot wax for temperature play
  50. Use a sex swing
What does your sexual bucket list include?  Have you already crossed yours off?
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