Mermaids are one of those iconic characters that are revered for their beauty. They are the sexy sirens of the sea! Who wouldn’t want to embrace it, embody it, and create their own sexy mermaid costume?

The possibilities are endless on how to create the perfect mermaid look. You could choose the sparkly bra top look or opt for my favorite, a corset ensemble. I am a total sucker for corsets and firmly believe that every woman can feel sexy in one. Back in the day (wow, I feel old as I type that) I would have definitely went for the bra style top to show off my flat belly. Two kids later, I wouldn’t dare – not because I shouldn’t, but because I am insecure about my stomach. For me, I want to enhance and draw attention to what I feel good about while contouring what I don’t. Finding a sleek, sexy tail is the next task. A fitted skirt with a mermaid flair (trumpet skirt) at the bottom is one of my favorite options.

modern-myth mermaid

Once you have found the perfect costume, it is time to decide what to do with your hair. Mermaid waves are all the rage these days. They really aren’t as hard to achieve as you may think. If you have some patience and a curling iron, then this tutorial video to show you how step by step. For those of you who want a less time consuming and skillful way to get them, then braid your wet hair, sleep in it, and take it out in the morning for the base curls.  Wigs are also a fun way to complete your outfit. They allow you to go extreme with color, length, and style.


mermaid hair

I am a self-proclaimed makeup junkie, so the idea of creating a mermaid look is exciting. You could go with dramatic eyes, loads of glitter, jewels, or even create a ‘scale’ look. Click on the links for more extensive instructions on how to get these looks.

mermaid scales

mermaid eyes

mermaid look


Accessorize with jewels and accents from the sea to really pull it all together. Use your imagination and go all out!

diy mermaid tiara

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