It has been so long since I’ve been out. Don’t get me wrong, I used to. As the spark has extinguished in my relationship, sex has become nonexistent. To say that I am sexually starving would easily be the understatement of the century. But now the universe has blessed me with short trip away… just me. I get two whole days to wonder the streets of Quebec, taking in the sights and regaining my center. Lucky for me, I have come when a huge festival is happening.

The sun is shining brightly and a light breeze teases my scantily clad skin. I’m grateful for the short flowy black sundress I wore today. I feel light and carefree. There are thousands of people crowding the streets, each absorbed in a mix of their own world and the loud pulsing music. I slip easily between them, heading closer to the heart of the action – a huge glowing ferris wheel and hundreds of booths, each selling their magic. I breathe in the rush and exciting energy of the crowd.

As I draw near, a beautiful stranger reaches out, brushing her fingertips down my arm and across my palm. I immediately get tingles all through my body. She is mesmerizing… about my height, flawless olive skin, bright green eyes, and lips just begging to be explored. Her long chocolate hair is pulled up in a messy bun on top of her head, exposing the curves of her neck and the subtle dip of her collarbones. She smiles coyly and gently tugs on my hand, urging me to come with her. I can’t help but obey… she has me entranced. This beautiful being leads me through the crowd and into a lone photo booth in Montreal, nestled between the vendors. From the outside, the booth boasts bright lights and a red velvety curtain reaching only down to my calves.

As we slip into the booth, she says nothing as she nips my ear and slides ten bucks into the slot. I am practically high with her scent and adrenaline. She turns to me while making quick work of the three buttons holding her crop top together. As her breasts come into clear view, she pulls my face close and slips her taunt nipple into my mouth, letting out a sigh as my tongue encircles it. Click… the flash goes off as the first of our pictures is captured.

She grins mischievously. Reaching down, she slides my sundress off over my head, depositing it on the seat behind us and exposing my naked body. I haven’t felt beautiful and desired in so long and for a brief second, I consider looking away. She grabs my chin and pulls me close, demanding with her eyes that I hold my head up and be here with her in this moment. Our mouths meet, a collision of hot, wet tongues and lips. Click… the flash signals another moment captured in time.

With quick determination, she reaches over and moves the camera’s aim to my wet pussy. Two fingers slip easily inside as she works my clit with her thumb. I can barely contain my moans as the other carnival goers pass by unknowingly. Click… this time, the camera caught a perfect shot of my sex dripping juices on this beauty’s hand.

I gently lean her back and make remove her tiny shorts, sliding them down her legs and leaving them in a crumpled pile by her feet. Making sure the camera has a good view, her slender leg folds over my shoulder as my face dips down to taste her slit. She is so sweet and so incredibly wet. As I focus my mouth between her legs, her back arches and she cums hard. The camera continues its countdown, capturing her face in complete surrender to a stranger and the shuddering aftershock of a whole body orgasm.

She shakily stands and turns me around and bends me over, giving a clear shot of my ass to the waiting lens. I am still vividly aware of the crowds all around us, loud and unassuming. Leaning over and trailing kisses down my back, she licks across my ass and down my pussy. I reach back and spread myself, arching my back and poking my ass out as if begging for her inside me. She doesn’t hesitate… her fingers slip into my ass and she thrusts them in and out, hard and fast. Click… more evidence of our wordless encounter is captured. Her fingers never leaving my ass, she turns me to face the camera and wraps her hand around my throat as she slams into me. Three, two, one… my head arches back and she smiles as I cum hard and the last picture snaps.

We slip our clothes back on quickly and step out of the booth to wait for our photos. As the proof prints, she reaches over and kisses my cheek, whispering “thanks love” in my ear before slipping away. I look down at the photo strip in my hand and smile… I’m back!

What next???

Maybe next time I will try a photo booth in Perth or a booth in London.

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