Sex: Then & Now

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1. Do you think sex is less important after age 50? Why or why not?

No way… I think sex is especially important as we age. It helps keep us in touch with our bodies, our desires, and our health.

2. Were you ever squeamish about sex? At what age (or age range)?

Not that I can think of.

3. When did you quit being squeamish and start to relax and enjoy sex?

I definitely didn’t enjoy sex when I first started having it (not due to being squeamish though). I think it was just having partners who didn’t know what they were doing along with my inexperience. Let’s just say it wasn’t like in the movies.

4. What is sex worth to you?

The answer to that would depend on when you asked me. If asked when really aroused, I would say it was worth a whole lot. Otherwise, it is worth me being quite selective since I like to be wowed.

5. What do you seek in exchange for sex?

Hmmm… orgasms? Yes, orgasms!

6. Is your sex life better or worse now vs. five years ago? Why?

Way worse if we are talking about frequency. However, I am so much more in tune with my body and desires today then I was five years ago.

7. Would you answer your mobile phone (a call or text) if it rang/dinged while you were having sex?

If I am willing to answer my phone during sex, then the sex is seriously lacking. If it is good, I will be too into it to bother with my phone.

Bonus: What is the one thing you wish your love interest understood about you?

That I have become much more free sexually and want to explore that further.


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3 Responses to TMI Tuesday: November 11, 2014

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  2. *sigh* if only life were like the movies…

    htmit 🙂

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