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TMI Tuesday: July 29, 2014
1. How much sex is too much sex? Explain.Hmmm… I suppose there is such as thing as too much sex.  If you can’t maintain your responsibilities because you can’t stop having sex long enough, then that would qualify as too much.  The lesson in this:  make time in your busy sex life for normal life tasks (eating, sleeping, showering, etc).

2. According to the Kinsey Institute, 18-29 year olds have sex an average of 112 times per year, 30-39 year olds an average of 86 times per year, and 40-49 year olds an average of 69 times per year (how appropriate!)

a. Which group of averages would you prefer to belong?The 18-29 year old group!

b. Based on your age (if listed), find your group above. Would you say you are well below, pretty close to or high above your group’s average for having sex per year?I am in the 18-29 year old group.  Generally I would say that I am high above my group’s average.  However, this year I am WAYYYYY below it.  :-/

3. Swinging (defined here)–have you tried it? Will you try it? Do you hope/wish to try it before you die?I haven’t tried it, though I am intrigued by the concept.  I like the idea of swinging.  When I am emotionally involved in a relationship though, I become a greedy bitch.  So I don’t mind being shared, but I am not willing to share my partner.  Talk about double standards, huh?

4. What is “having sex”? According to YOU and prior to this TMI Tuesday did you consider:
– Masturbation as having sex? No… though I do sometimes refer to it as sex with myself.
– Performing oral sex as having sex? Depends… I guess.
5. When was the last time you received oral sex?Over ten months ago was the last time I saw ANY action… separation & divorce is a bitch!

Bonus:  What is it?Ancient Aztec fertility sculptures…

TMI Tuesday: July 29, 2014
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