Curiosity is a great characteristic… one that encourages learning, exploring, and self-awareness.

However, this is not the case when it comes to our kids finding our sex toys.  So it only makes sense that we keep these adult playthings hidden and out of reach from curious little hands and inquiring little minds.
Of course there are the traditional hiding spaces like your panty drawer, nightstand, or under the bed.  But if your kids are anything like mine, these spots are too easy to access.
Here are a few more creative places to stash your toys:
  • Inside the tissue box next to the bed
  • Inside a vase, obscured by pretty flowers (guessing the flowers would need to be fake)
  • In a purse you don’t use regularly
  • Hidden bathroom tile storage (love this idea)
  • Inside tampon box or bag of pads
  • In a cereal box (blame Cosmo for this one)
Still not convinced you have found the right spot to stash your toy box goodies? 
Where are your favorite hiding spots?
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One Response to Where to Hide Your Sex Toys

  1. Teresa Archer says:

    I store them in a locking briefcase under the bed.

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