Here is a little glimpse into my mind…  Hope you enjoy!

Would you rather… orgasm once every ten years OR
once every ten seconds?

  • I definitely choose every ten seconds!  It might get exhausting, but I can’t imagine a 10 year orgasm drought… that would be horrible.

Would you rather… have breast implants made of Nerf OR Play-Doh?

  • Play-Doh sounds fun… endless variety and possibilities! 

Would you rather… see in ColecoVision graphic quality when having sex OR have
to use clinical terms during dirty talk?  (For example, “Penetrate that vagina!”; “Lick that mons pubis!”; “Ram that
glans against the epidermis of the uvula!”)

  • Let’s get technical on this one… clinical terms.  I am a highly visual person and wouldn’t want my view ruined.  

Would you rather… have to have sex in the same position every night OR have to
have sex in a different position every night (you can never repeat)?

  • Variety is the spice of life!  I would rather switch it up every night… it gets boring when it gets predictable.

Would you rather… have sex with The Tin Man OR The Scarecrow?

  • Though neither sounds particularly appealing… I have to go with the Tin Man on this one.  I don’t want to get all scratched up by the Scarecrow’s straw.  I prefer my scratches to be deliberately made!

Would you rather… have an invisible penis OR a penis that turns green and tears
out of your clothing like the Incredible Hulk every time you get aroused?

  • If I were to have a penis… it would have to be like the Incredible Hulk!  Why hide all that glory…

Would you rather… vicariously experience all orgasms that occur in your zip
code OR during sex, have the Microsoft paper clip help icon appear with sex

  • Oooohhh… can you imagine getting to experience all the orgasms in your zip code?  Sounds like fun to me!

Would you rather… have sex with a “10” OR a “7” and a “3”?

  • Hmmmm… not sure on this one.  I like the idea of having two versus one person, so I am going to have to go with the “7” and “3” – at the same time please!

Would you rather… have a permanent smile OR a permanent erection?

  • I would go with the smile on this one… there should be some type of filter on the arousal end to at least make it interesting.

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